Another sunny day.

My CT scan results show ‘previous described hepatic lesions are no longer visualized. No suspicious osseous lesions.’ This means the chemo cocktail I’ve been on since April has done what it’s suppose to do and my oncologist has deemed me ‘in remission’. I have never heard these words before and let me tell you, it was music to my ears (I literally heard Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah). I’ll take remission, thank you very much.

Given my reoccurrence and metastasis, my oncologist suggested I continue with Avastin (Bevacizumab) every three weeks. Since I like the idea of doing something instead of nothing, I’m signing up for this course of action. My life is joyous and I will do everything necessary for more days on this planet with the people I love.

I am hoping the Avastin will continue to give me minimal side effects as I return to work soon. Work stress seems laughable compared to fighting cancer so I got that going for me, which is nice. I do like having something ‘normal’ to do each day but I honestly know that work will always be work and that the time I spend outside of work is where I thrive.

From day one, I have been armed with love and healing energy from countless souls who pray, meditate, email and telepathically send messages of hope my way. No one could be more grateful for these acts beyond kindness. My heart is full, my soul enriched and my body is strong.

I have shared these words from an unknown (to me) cancer patient before but they are worth saying again… “Cancer may take my life but it will not take my day.” Hell yeah.

I'm sailing!

18 thoughts on “Another sunny day.

  1. Praise the Lord, Carol! That is good news—-I’ll keep praying.



    On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 6:49 PM, cancer avenger

  2. Let’s hear it for no osseous lesions!! Damn lesions…be gone!
    Thank you for sharing your journey…the good as well as the not so. You are the definition of a fighter and set the bar for all who will need to avenge in the future. It can be done!
    I will continue sending telepathic messages of hugs and healing and hope you continue to enjoy ‘normal’ for a really, really, really long time!! I hope you and Awesome Husband Unit will do something to celebrate this wonderful milestone. I’m sure it will involve a long walk on a beach. Rock on!

  3. Funny that the word “remission” is so difficult to find in songs and poetry when it is such music to the ears. All love to you. May you celebrate this news in grand style, and know that we celebrate with you!

  4. Oh Carol, my heart is so happy! I suddenly don’t care how horrible my week is going so far : ) I, like Erin, also believe that your positive attitude has a huge part of these great results! I admire and adore you sooo very much. See you soon! love, Challee

  5. WOW Carol! That is awesome news. Avastin is supposed to be good at keeping cancers in remission so I pray that it continues to work for you. Your spirit and your positive outlook is just as responsible for good results as the chemo cocktail. I love your attitude and your fight and how you kept active even when you didn’t feel well. You are a great role model for the rest of us. Love you, Erin

  6. There just aren’t words for how happy I am for you & your family! Love you & am so grateful for your good news. Hugs & love from all of us. xoxo

  7. This is amazing news and I literally got goose bumps when I read this. I do believe in the power of prayer and I will continue praying for you. Costa (and I of course) feels such a connection with you as I’m sure knowing personally what you have been through makes you two kindred spirits. You are an amazing person and your positive energy is very infectious. You are an inspiration to those that have the blessed opportunity to know you. I look forward to only more good news and hope to celebrate with you soon. Big hugs!!! Lynne

  8. You are so amazing!!!!! I agree to be proactive is a really good choice. I am so happy for you. Did Pisani make you feel better?

    With love and hugs, Lynne

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  9. Hallelujah! You have been in our hearts (many, many, many people you don’t even know…but you have been held up and they are amazed by YOU) every step of the way! Continue to fight it…and enjoy all life has to give. You are SO loved Carol….and this SO made my day!!!!!!

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