Blazing Trails (and other metaphors).

Avastin and I have been BFF’s for a year and we started our second year together last month. My oncologist has no other patients in a long-term relationship with this drug. He says I’m a trail blazer. Not really how envisioned myself blazing trails but it’s nice to know I’m providing research in the name of science.

For the past four months, we have been monitoring my protein because it’s creeping into my urine. My kidney plumbing is confused. I say ‘plumbing’ because my creatinine level is still good.

24-hour urine collections are fun because you get a huge orange biohazard jug that you keep in the refrigerator during the collection period. As comical as I thought it would be for my co-workers to panic about ‘what the hell is in the refrigerator’,  I did not conduct my collections at work.

All three urinalysis showed an increase so my husband and I sat with my oncologist last week. Another metaphor my doctor used was ‘a rock and a hard place’ and I threw in ‘lesser of two evils’ (I thought it was some kind of metaphor throw down ). Since we are in ‘uncharted territory’, the lesser evil I chose was to take a break from my treatments. There were scary words spoken like nephrologist, kidney biopsy and dialysis. That’s when I want to stick my fingers in my ears and just ‘lalalalalalala’. So in a few months we’ll check my level and see how things have improved (I’m a glass-half-full girl).

I have to say that my body feels completely amazing. My joint pain, swelling and blood pressure have already gone down. I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I am thankful to have my body back.

Speaking of thankfulness, tomorrow is traditionally when we gather to celebrate the harvest bounty and reflect upon what we are thankful for. One day of reflection is not enough for me. Every day I am thankful that my life is full of loving friends and family. Every day I am thankful that my children are safe, happy, compassionate beings. Every day I am thankful to the man whom I share my highest highs and lowest lows with. Every day I am thankful. I am sending good vibes out through the universe; may they bounce into your heart.

a fence in my neighborhood

8 thoughts on “Blazing Trails (and other metaphors).

  1. Carol,

    I have used many words to describe you like amazing, positive, remarkable, loving and beautiful. However, there must be bigger and better words to describe someone like you! I have NEVER met anyone that makes me feel and think like you do! You are a trail blazer and a role model for your fight against cancer and a pure example of goodness and perfection.

    Wishing you only full glasses from now on. Cheers!

    Love you,


  2. Dear Carolann , you never cease to amaze me. You are truly my hero, my love and prayers are always going out to you. Your grandmother and dad would be so proud of you… Actually, I bet they are looking down at you and smiling at your perserverence and courage. More power to you. Love aunt Patty

  3. Thank you for your positive energy and the glass half full attitude. I can’t imagine you any other way! I am thankful for you in my life, for Pete being there beside you and for being part of your fight. #FeelingBlessed!

  4. Carol!
    Your spirit is amazing! Keep up the great fight! Have an excellent day tomorrow with Pete! Sending you good kidney feelings!

  5. Carolann, You will overcome this hurdle as you have the others and for all your reasons why that you put in your post. I love you very much and I am so very thankful you are in my life and we certainly shared some “memorable” (LOL) moments while working together in Corp Comm❌⭕️🐾🐾😘❤️👣👣

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