In Stability.

I had my second scan after 12 weeks on the Optdivo™ trial train. After we saw reduction in the small tumors and lymph nodes, I vowed this scan would be ground-braking.

What we found was that everything remained the same. No growing tumors. Nothing shrinking (we want shrinkage). I’m now labelled with ‘stable disease’… doesn’t this kinda sound like an oxymoron? Tumor stability isn’t bad cuz I’m a reoccurring, metastatic cancer patient — I just prefer N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease) or what the media darlings call “cancer-free”.

This means I get to stay on the trial which is good because systemic treatment is good for lymph node ‘involvement’. I will check in with my radiation oncologist in January to see what other options I might have to fight this bastard. Because I fight. I fight hard.

Next week I start my vacation. I will enjoy the heck out of preparing for our upcoming holiday festivities. I will cuddle with my luvva by the fire. I will bake cookies and make Christmas cocktails. I will play tour guide to two of my favorite people. I will tell my village how much I love them (I love you!). I will hug my kids. I will be altogether living in the moment. Merry Everything and A Bright New Year!


14 thoughts on “In Stability.

  1. Thank you for sharing your “here and now” blog. You are amazing Carol….and so blessed to be a part of your village. Our wish for 2016 is for you to continue to fight as you do…to share in your journey and to stand beside you and yell…FUCK CANCER! Our love…..Greg, Cory, Leah, Dan, Blake, Lydia, Eli and Evan

  2. Carol I just have to say, you are an amazing person and an inspiration – as always! Enjoy your vacation – I’m know that you will. I know that you will be ready to fight in January. Your spirit is indomitable.

    Much love to you and Pete this holiday season.


  3. Hi Carol,

    This news is better than “it’s spread”. Praise the Lord! He’s giving you more time to enjoy your family and life in general.

    Merry Christmas, to you and your,



  4. Carolann, Cancer Avenger of the highest level, you are the Wizardess Extraordinaire, with the might of the mightiest and I love and respect you, admire and praise you‼️❌⭕️🐾🐾

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