Autumnal Bliss.

I love the weekends. Who doesn’t? When I was on leave, I lost track of the days but even then, the world felt different come the weekend. And fall weekends are some of my favorites.

Saturday mornings might bring the sounds of leaf blowers, sawing/hammering, children’s laughter (because they are outside playing, yes!) and even when the sun isn’t shinning, the day seems bright and warm, full of possibilities.

Our household moves slower on these weekends; lingering over coffee, listening to my husband toot his flugelhorn (not a metaphor) and reading some good stuff or Pinteresting. Then we start to move. Market shopping = delicious ingredients that will produce yummy slow cooked meals. Autumn smells are exceptionally lovely.

We might visit our favorite neighborhood winery, take Ace for a run on the beach, dinner with family/friends or spend the day tinkering at home. Plans or no plans, I love it all.

Then Monday rears it’s somewhat unloved head. Poor Monday gets a bad rap just because it starts the work/school week for most of us. For me, ChemoMonday™ has proven to be painless (thanks to my PowerPort) and even a time for meditation (thank you meriko for Headspace).

So let’s ‘take back’ Mondays and embrace the start of another week… another week we add to our dash. Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Autumnal Bliss.

  1. Oh, Carol, I couldn’t agree more! Yes, it’s a beautiful, slow-down time of year. The trees are a feast for the eyes. (Who says California doesn’t have seasons?)
    As for Mondays, it’s all in the attitude, I think. As I aged, (and gained what little wisdom I have) I decided to embrace Monday morning as I whole new opportunity to love my work and make a mark in someone’s life. We never know who we will effect, and each Monday is a shiny new chance to do some good. That outlook probably did me more good than it did for others, but I hope it spread some good somewhere.
    So glad to see you enjoying this great gift of life!


  2. Monday is a day of hopefulness and the promise of a new week of possibilities. It’s all in the attitude and you are our great attitude roll model. Here’s to Monday!

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