Holiday Cheer. Ra.

I pitch my tent in the holiday happy camp (I am married to Mr. Xmas). I love decorated trees, holiday lights, festive music and the good cheer that really can be found within our fellow (wo)man.

I must admit that over the decades, I haven’t always been ho, ho, ho happy. Holiday magic  can be hard to embrace when you are alone or struggling with health issues. Or it simply brings up crappy childhood memories. Stress and anger used to override my joy quickly.

Now I try to pass on a little cheer where ever I go. Make someone laugh in a long line at the craft store, play a holiday song from my iPhone for the Fed Ex store employee who was ‘dying for a radio’ or just smiling at a stranger. I’ve received nothing but kindness in return.

Physically feeling good helps keep me joyous and I am very grateful. My every three-week Avastin drip has side effects that are manageable for me. Sinus pain/drip and some joint swelling/pain but not enough to keep me from a little yoga and walking.

Mr. Christmas and I are decking our halls and preparing the festivities. I hope all in my amazing village can embrace the good this year. I am holding you closer than ever before and still loving those I can no longer hug. Happy Everything!CIMG0270

6 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer. Ra.

  1. Merry Christmas to you both, you always put a smile on my face and warm my heart. I love you,
    I so admire your courage, warmth and insight. Love Aunt Patti

  2. Looking forward to spending time with you and Mr. Christmas this year! I too feel “unkringled” occasionally, but I’m especially happy this year for sharing the holidays with such wonderful friends & family.

    Feeling grateful-
    Kris Kringle

  3. Mr. Christmas…I love it!

    Christmas is a tough time for us….so I try to fill the house with lights and decorate it up as well. Pleasant distractions as we remember those we have lost this time of year. More so we try to gather with those that are near, reach out to those we love and find the Merry in Christmas. You both are a huge part of our Merry….we hope you feel it and know it.

    Love, Cory and Greg

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